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How to Fix a Stretched Screen on an Acer Laptop?

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Well, being an electronic device, sometimes Acer encounter with few technical faults which are pretty obvious for a less expensive device, other than this, Acer is very compatible and durable device. But what if you’re newly Acer laptop have an issue where all the images get stretched and out of proportion? This blog will guide you and provide you a solution on how one can deal with this problem like a pro.

Follow the below steps to resolve the stretched issue on your Acer laptop-

Adjust the resolution of your laptop’s screen:

  • Make sure your laptop has the ideal resolution display which is:-
  • 1280x768 or 800 a ratio of 5:3 or 16:10
  • 1366x768 ratio of 16:9
  • 1440x900 ratio of 16:14 preferred for 14inches display
  • For 15.4 inches display 1680x1050 is the ideal resolution
  • And for 17 inches display 1920x1200 is the best.
  • After configuring this right click on the main desktop and move the cursor to the Display settings.
  • Now a window will appear select ‘Advanced display’ settings.
  • In the Resolution menu, select the resolution which is appropriate for your screen format.
  • Next, reboot your device and check for the error.
Acer Computer Repair London

If this doesn’t help, you can also try another way to deal with this issue:

  • Click on the desktop and from the drop-down list choose personalize.
  • Now on the personalize window select Display and click on the change display settings.
  • Here click on ‘Advanced settings’ and then select Adapter tab.
  • Select list all modes.
  • Now tap Ok and Apply button to confirm the changes.

For more help and support, customer can contact us and avail our services through online or offline medium as per their comfort. Dial a number at Acer Computer Repairs London @ +44-2080-890420 and talk to our executives, who are friendly and skilled. Moreover, customer won’t face any issue while contacting and briefing the executives about the issue on their device.

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