The very common and usual problem faced by every Acer laptop user is a black screen issue. Due to this issue, the screen starts fading and become too hard to see. A black screen issue is not that uncommon error with windows 10 operating system. This problem occurs when you install windows 10 update from lower versions such as Windows 8 or 7.

In order to fix this problem, you can follow some basic solution provided by Acer Tech Support team. Just go through the below-given solution properly:
Solution1: Try to update the graphics or video driver in order to resolve the black screen error on your system.

Solution2: restore the previous version of the driver so that you can have previous drives in your laptop. To perform this:
• You have to click on restore menu to restore the previous version and then back up them all.
• Then go to device manager and then right-click on display adapter from the list and then select properties from the menu.
• Now click on driver tab and then select rollback driver.​

Acer Computer Repair Service London

Solution3: check the external devices that are connected to your system that can cause this problem. To check it:
• Firstly, disconnect all the external devices which are connected to your laptop.
• After that, restart your system and if the black screen doesn’t show up then you can plug-in all the device back to your system.
• You can also update the driver for the hardware with the driver talent.

Soution4: Turn off fast startup
• First of all, open control panel from the start menu and then click on power option and then click on the power button.
• Then tap on change settings which are currently unavailable.
• Now uncheck the checkbox next to fast startup to turn it off.

In case, if the black screen still visible even after executing all the above steps then you can call at our Acer Laptop Repair London @ +44-2080-890420 and get an alternate solution from our experts instantly.
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