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Missing Battery Icon on Acer Laptop in Windows

· Acer Support

If the notification area of the Acer Windows laptop is not showing the battery icon or its percentage then, you have to enable this feature manually. Follow the correct method according to the operating system of your laptop.

For Windows 10 users:

  • Turn on your laptop; make a right click on the empty area of the desktop.
  • Now, choose Display Settings on the drop-down menu.
  • When the Settings window appears to you on the desktop, go to Find a setting search textbox and type Select which icons.
  • Hit the click on the Select which icons appear on the taskbar option in the search results.
  • Now, turn on the toggle button for Power which will show you the battery percentage.

For Windows 8 users:

  • Make a right-click on the empty area of the taskbar, and click Properties from the list that opens.
  • Under the Taskbar section, select the Customize button in the Notification Area.
  • Hit on Turn system icons on or off option and move to the next step.
  • Navigate to the Behaviours column; select On in the drop-down menu located next to Power button.
  • Now, click on the OK button.
Acer Laptop Repair Service London @ +44-2080-890420

For Windows 7 users:

  • Go to Properties option by following the same steps as you have done before.
  • Hit the Customize button under Notification Area on the available window.
  • Select Turn system icons on or off.
  • Now, in the Behaviors column, select On button in the drop-down list locate next to Power and then click OK.

The steps are to be followed in the Windows XP, the only difference is that you have to open Control Panel window and click Power Options. There you will find the correct option to do this task. If you have any query related to this matter then contact Acer Laptop Repair Service London @ +44-2080-890420 and get the earliest help.

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